Compression Level

What is the compression level for True Compress Compression Socks?

Our socks offer a moderate, 15 - 20 graduated compression that’s intended to feel like a warm, gentle hug on your legs. Currently this is the only compression level we offer.

Are True Compress compression socks graduated compression socks?

Yes! True Compress offers graduated, 15 - 20 level compression at the ankle and throughout the calf.

How do True Compress compression socks work for swelling?

By gently squeezing your legs, our moderate level compression socks gently push blood and lymph up the legs, which results in better blood flow and reduced fluid buildup. Better blood flow and reduced fluid buildup means less swelling and reduced risk for blood clots.

Do True Compress compression socks reduce swelling?

Yes! True Compress compression socks help reduce minor swelling in the legs.

Are True Compress compression socks medical grade compression socks?

In order to qualify for the "medical grade" rating, a sock’s compression level must be higher than 30 mmHg.

True Compress compression socks fall at the 15 - 20 level, which is considered “moderate level” compression and sits below the medical grade rating.

Moderate level compression socks like True Compress Relax Compression socks are intended for lowering the risk for severe conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombossis (DVT), blood clots, varicose veins, and spider veins.

Our socks can also be used for reducing minor swelling, recovering from hard workouts, lowering leg and foot swelling during pregnancy, helping with minor injury recovery, and reducing leg fatigue from walking, standing or sitting for long periods.

We have customers with mild medical conditions who use our socks and find them helpful, but we advise anyone with a medical condition to speak with their medical provider before they make a purchase.

Sizing & Fit

How long are True Compress compression socks?

The length of our socks are as follows: Small & Medium - 15 inches, Large- 15.4 inches, XL - 15.8 inches.

How do I know what size I am?

Check out our sizing guide to find your size and your perfect fit!

How tight should True Compress compression socks feel on my legs?

Our socks offer a moderate, 15 - 20 graduated compression that’s intended to feel like a supportive, gentle hug on your legs.

Orders & Shipping

How long does it take for my compression socks to arrive?

Processing Time: All orders will be processed within 1 business day.

Shipping Time: Once processed, your order will be shipped via an environmentally friendly carrier that offsets carbon emissions.

USA: 6 - 8 days

UK: 4 - 8 days

Canada: 7 - 12 Days

Australia: 7 - 12 days

Europe: 7 - 12 days

Other countries: 12 - 20 days

We have partnered with a delivery service that offers CO2-neutral shipping. We feel it is part of our duty to think about the environment. Slower delivery means 30% less carbon offset. To compensate for the waiting time, we offer free shipping on all orders - all year round.

Please note that these are estimated delivery times and may vary based on your location. While we'll do our best to get your order to you quickly, we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by the carrier.

If you need your order sooner, please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Where are True Compress compression socks made?

Our socks are designed in Denmark and are made in China at an Intertek WCA-certified facility. Learn more about Intertek WCA certification here:

My socks didn't fit. Can I return them?

Yes! In fact, you have up to one year to return your socks. To start a return or ask a question about a return, head over to TBD and enter in your order number and email address. If you don’t know your order number or are having trouble, send an email to with your order number and our team will get back to you within 48 hours. You can also start a return by sending us a Facebook or Instagram message with your order information or email address.

Can I pay for True Compress compression socks with my insurance?

Currently, True Compress compression socks cannot be paid for with insurance.

Daily Wear

Can I wear True Compress compression socks to bed?

For safety reasons, we don’t recommend wearing compression socks of any kind while sleeping for long periods of time. The only exception to this is if your medical provider recommends you to do so.

How long should I wear my True Compress compression socks?

We designed our moderate level compression socks to be comfortable enough to wear all day long, but we recommend wearing them for a minimum of 3-5 hours to get the maximum benefit.

When should I wear my True Compress compression socks?

Anytime during the day works, especially if you’re sitting or standing for long periods.

Fabric & Care

Can I put my socks in the washing machine?

Yes! We recommend washing them on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach and exposing your socks to excessive heat.

What materials are True Compress compression socks made from?

Our socks are made from 80% Nylon and 20% spandex. All the materials used in our socks meet IDFL Global Recycled Standards, and our socks are produced in a facility that meets Intertek WCA ethical standards.

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